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Using social media for charities

Social media provides a great tool to spread your charity and its goals, and can help you to reach the largest market possible for your goals. Social media can allow you to get directly in touch with your audience, and keep them up to date with everything that is happening. This is especially valuable for

Fundraising for charities

Fundraising can be a great source of funding, and can provide fuel for charities to continue with their activities. Charitable organisations are free to raise funds in the way in which they choose, as long as they comply with all the necessary regulations of Australia. The specific definitions of fundraising may change depending on the

Joining a charity organisation

If you’re considering joining a charitable organisation, first ask yourself exactly what you want to get out of the experience. Do you want experience to help with your career? Are you mainly interested in helping people and making a difference? Are you trying to join a community of like-minded people and making new friends? Once

Reasons to donate to charity

Donating to charity doesn’t just help out the charity and the people in need who it supports, but it provides amazing benefits for the person who donates as well. Boosts happiness Donating to charities is a great way to boost your happiness and feeling of meaningfulness in life. It always feels good to give to

Children with Chronic Health Conditions

Children and families burdened with chronic health conditions have an arduous journey to face once diagnosed. Some chronic conditions limit physical activity; others bring pain and discomfort. Some require ongoing medical treatment; others force lengthy hospitalisation. One of the most challenging issues sufferers of chronic illness face is the uncertainty of day to day life.

Kidney Dialysis for Aussie Kids

Kidney disease affects thousands of Australian children each year. Many of these children require a kidney transplant; however, they undertake life-saving dialysis until a kidney is available. The kidney acts as a filter for the blood, balancing water and mineral levels. When a kidney cannot function due to a disease, it causes serious complications. A

The Critical Equipment Sick Kids Need

When you contemplate the continuous demand for critical equipment across Australian hospitals, it is no surprise millions of dollars are spent each year on purchasing equipment.  Help4Kids is creating initiatives that will help support children’s hospitals to acquire the best equipment. Here are some examples of the critical equipment we hope to supply to children

Understanding All About Charity Collaboration

There are approximately 56,000 charities in Australia!  It is comforting to know so many Australians have the drive to help make a difference in society; however, from those 56,000 charities, many have a similar purpose which brings us to collaborations. Some benefits of charity collaborations are: Cutting cost Every cent is vital when operating a

How to Host a Help4Kids Fundraiser Event

There are many ways to help raise funds for charity but hosting a fundraising event has proven to be the popular option among Australians. Hosting an event can bring public attention to the charity and, more importantly, awareness of the worthy cause the event is in aid of. When running a fundraising event, planning is

How to Put the ‘Fun’ in Fundraising

Raising much-needed funds for a worthy cause is a serious issue; after all, the money raised can save a child’s life. However, fundraising can be a fun event for all to enjoy. The strangely beautiful thing about a fundraiser is that it brings people together. People who may not cross paths and different social groups

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