Save Children

Help us, help you, help them.

10 out of 10 kids deserve the right medical support to help in their recovery.

Help4Kids ensures that sick and injured children from Griffith have access to the medical equipment and aids they require. Our mission is to ensure that health services are well-supplied, connected and safe for children and young people of Griffith.

Your support can help save children in Griffith across Australia.

Supporting Children Australia-wide

Together, Help4Kids and the organisations it supports save children who need our help. We champion their rights to good health, ensuring a high standard of medical support can be provided to children and young people nationwide. By providing financial support, Help4Kids empowers hospitals and health services to provide the best care available.

From its inception, Help4Kids has aimed to distribute funds to the places that need them most. Our team of volunteers work with the intention of setting these processes up for years and generations to come.

Here to build a better world with and for children, Help4Kids is committed to discovering ways to improve and save Griffith children’s lives nationwide. We supply funds to purchase equipment and aids for sick and injured kids, identifying need and fulfilling it, in turn supporting children in their recovery.

To save children, Help4Kids encourages people to donate and volunteer, because 10 out of 10 sick and injured kids deserve the best medical support they can receive. Our focus area of medical support creates effective change for kids that are doing it tough.

Funding Programs

The successful programs are continually monitored and evaluated to measure their impact and effectiveness. We liaise with health services and hospitals to identify areas where funding can go to help improve the lives of sick children and their families in Griffith.


Whether in cities or regional areas, hospitals deliver essential care to children in need. With proper access to the right medical equipment, hospitals can treat illness and injury effectively. In many cases, well-equipped hospitals can help save children’s lives.

Fundraising and Events

Help4Kids’ charitable operations include day-to-day fundraising on our websites and in person, as well as gala and small-scale events targeting businesses and the community. Our goal of providing funds to hospitals to save Griffith children’s lives can only be achieved through your generous donations and sponsorships from companies.

Day-to-day Fundraising & Donations Griffith

Sponsorships Griffith

Fundraising Events Griffith

Bequests & Community-Led Fundraising Griffith

Guided by their vision to help sick and injured children, Help4Kids concentrates on the following areas:

The Help4Kids website offers a quick and convenient way to donate to our efforts. Donors can make one-time donations, or set up recurring monthly donations. In addition to our online donation options, we offer donation boxes in a variety of locations. Any donation, small or large, is greatly appreciated by the Help4Kids team.

Our corporate alliances create a mutually-beneficial partnership with the business community. The funds provided by businesses contribute greatly to our goal of helping to save Griffith children’s lives, while the positive publicity generated can benefit the business.

Help4Kids hosts fundraising events to raise awareness and boost donations. Our first event, held on June 19th 2021, sets a precedent for large and small events in the future.

If you are interested in hosting your own Help4Kids event, please contact us.

Charitable bequests are a way of leaving a positive legacy; when leaving money to Help4Kids’ fund, you can be sure that your money will be used to benefit sick and  injured children.

A more immediate way to help is to become one of our valued volunteers. From the smallest task to more involved work, such as assisting with events, your time and assistance makes a difference and is always appreciated.

Charity and supporting our ongoing goals

Through careful consultation with hospitals, health services, and other stakeholders, Help4Kids ensures all donated money goes towards the equipment that is needed most. This can include small-scale equipment for frequent use, and large-scale surgery equipment, the prices of which might be otherwise unviable for smaller hospitals.

Your donations go into creating lasting change, but your involvement doesn’t have to start or stop at a chequebook. Our volunteers provide a valuable service in supporting our efforts in fundraising.

Ways you can help




Get involved with the local member branches


Donate to op-shops

We need your help to ensure every child gets a healthy start in life

We all know how important it is to ensure that sick and injured Griffith children get the help they need, and have a chance at a better future. You can make a difference.

Help us via the various channels above and provide valuable support for the way in which we work hard to better the community. We understand that the opportunity to give varies for everyone, but every little bit helps. If you would like to know more, please contact our friendly team who is always here to help. We can provide further information, answer questions, and let you know how you can help. Together, we’ll make a much brighter future for our children. 

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