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Help For Kids is an Australian-based organisation that supports children in need by raising funds to purchase vital equipment and support tools. In conjunction with hospitals around Australia, many Australian charities, and various medical centres, both local and interstate, we look to provide support for New South Wales children charities in need.

Our community-focused team works towards the goal of improving everyday life for sick children across Australia. We offer a range of ways that you can donate and help by volunteering as part of Help For Kids

Support for New South Wales children charities

From leading chronic conditions in children aged 0-14 such as asthma and allergic rhinitis that require inhalers, oxygen therapy, and in some cases intervention from a respiratory therapist to mental health support, Help For Kids looks to offer support. 

We know that another major issue for children under 14 is anxiety-related and psychological development problems along with food allergies. Taking all of these issues into account, two significant issues are funding for research and awareness and education. Help 4 Kids works to reduce the strain on our public health systems by channeling donations into these areas.

fighting childhood cancer in New South Wales

Along with supporting New South Wales charities by leaving a bequest, we look to provide funds for life-saving equipment and essential treatments for children under the age of 15 affected by cancer to give them the best chance of survival. 

Help For Kids looks to raise funds via New South Wales donation for critical hospital equipment while distributing funds to other charities that can help.

Every year, around 700-800 Australian children are diagnosed with a form of cancer including leukaemia, brain cancer, lymphoma, non-Hodgkin lymphoma and soft tissue sarcoma.

From these numbers, roughly 90-100 Australian children die from cancer per year, primarily due to brain cancer and leukaemia.

A charity that supports charities in New South Wales

Help 4 Kids is a portal through which a range of local Australian and New South Wales charities can be helped. Our focus is on assisting specific charities to raise money for equipment, treatments, and tailored needs by making it easy to choose where your donations go.

Browse our projects in real-time and have peace of mind in knowing where your money is going and how it will help. Help 4 Kids makes it easy for both individuals and businesses to donate via a range of payment options and corporate partnerships. From one-time donations to regular automated direct debits, you or your company can become a Brisbane sponsor and make a significant difference in the life of a child.

How Help 4 Kids Supports New South Wales Kids

As an Australian-based organisation, Help 4 Kids work to help you help others. We ensure that every dollar raised goes to a child in need, making a significant difference in their lives. With thousands of children around Australia affected by illness and injury, your help can go a long way. 

Support our healthcare workers by doing your bit to get involved. Work with Help 4 Kids, and together we can provide support to sick children in Australia that will really make a difference. With your support, we can:

Find ways to improve the lives of children doing it tough

Support New South Wales's children's hospitals

Purchase aids and equipment to help sick kids recover

Identify immediate needs and fund the products that can help

Support our local community and make a difference

The many avenues we use to support New South Wales charities

Our focus is given to any kids charity that needs a little extra help to achieve their goals. We do this via charity fundraising and work with the public to organise events that can raise some much-needed funds for sick kids. We also organise and mobilise Volunteer Volunteers, which are the core of any charity.

Our mission is to use these avenues to provide much-needed funds for hospitals and charities that are dedicated to helping improve the lives of Australian children who are doing it tough.

The power of our New South Wales volunteers

We are incredibly proud of our dedicated team of volunteers. They work hard to ensure that the funds we raise are distributed to channels that will be effective and offer results. 

Our website features a range of:

  • Current equipment
  • Treatments
  • Tailored needs 
  • Other charities
  • Useful information

When you donate, you will be able to browse all of our projects in real-time to ensure that your funds are helping someone who needs it now. From specific charities to New South Wales’s children’s hospitals, the opportunities to help are many.

How to become a Volunteer in New South Wales

Our volunteers, who we affectionately refer to as wonder workers, are the core of our charity. We believe that the work they do can ultimately save a life! Simply put, Help 4 Kids would be nothing without our team of volunteers, and while joining that team takes dedication, we think you will find it to be extremely rewarding.

The primary focus of a charity is raising funds for others, but to achieve this, we need people who are willing to give up their free time to help.

How our volunteers in New South Wales help kids

We offer the option of becoming a regular volunteer, which is a great way to give back to those in need. You can also make new friends and keep active. If you have some free time and want to spend it doing something of value that gives back to the community, this may be perfect for you! Ensure that our values match yours as those who are passionate about the cause really get the most out of their time. 

We offer many different roles for regular volunteers that can be matched to your skills. Help is always needed and appreciated for tasks big and small, including:

  • Making and taking phone calls
  • Hanging up flyers 
  • Distributing collection buckets
  • Organising accounts
  • Graphic design
  • Social media and marketing
  • And more

Even if you can only spare a couple of hours a week, it is a massive benefit to us and can help us save a life. We also have provisions for one-off mass volunteers to help with fundraising events to assist the sick kids New South Wales can support. If you have a packed schedule and can’t quite offer regular help, this can be a great way to still get involved! Help 4 Kids welcome all volunteers no matter what your availability may be. A one-off volunteer can get involved in our annual collection day, which consists of taking a Help 4 Kids collection bucket around the local community or hosting your own fundraiser. 

More than six million Australians and many in New South Wales donate their time to volunteer for charity each year. Do your part by assisting Help 4 Kids today and help to save lives tomorrow.

The primary focus of a charity is raising funds for others, but to achieve this, we need people who are willing to give up their free time to help.

New South Wales Sponsors via our corporate allies

Help 4 Kids offers an option for your company to get involved by becoming a corporate ally as a New South Wales sponsor. From a charity perspective, corporate allies can significantly boost fundraising, and it’s a great way for your business to give back to the community. 

With both sides supporting each other, we find effective ways to help those in need with financial assistance, goods and services or extra resources. Looking for a way to get your staff out of the office? Why not have them volunteer at fundraising events which is a great way to encourage team building while helping to raise funds for kids in need.

We believe that it is possible for companies of all sizes to create a great partnership with various charitable organisations, especially New South Wales children charities. A well planned corporate collaboration benefits both the business and their chosen charity by boosting awareness around both the company and the charity while supporting the charity’s fundraising goal. 

If becoming a corporate ally is something you are interested in contact Help 4 Kids to discuss a partnership agreement. Through this, we will outline our aims, as well as your role and responsibilities as a partner. The Help 4 Kids logo will also be available for use by all of our corporate partners.

Get involved with Help 4 Kids in New South Wales today

Help 4 Kids wants you to get involved and assist our an Australian-based organisation to help others in need. We join the line of New South Wales charities that ensure every dollar will absolutely make a difference to thousands of children around Australia that are affected by illness and injury.

These children need your help, as do our amazing healthcare workers that your involvement and donations will also assist.  At Help 4 Kids, we have seen the difference it can make when people get involved to support sick children in Australia, and improving their lives is a worthwhile channel for your energy and resources. 

Get involved with Help 4 Kids today and together we can provide the aids and equipment these children need to recover. Our mission is to identify immediate needs, fund the products and support our community. With your assistance, we are committed to joining in and making a significant difference.

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