Kids charity

Kids charities play a large role in the lives of sick children and their families – whether it is providing educational resources, respite, fun activities, or helping provide treatment aids. Charities in Australia helping kids include: Australian Childhood Foundation, Ronald McDonald House, Camp Quality, The Smith Family, Starlight Foundation, The Children’s Hospital Foundation, Variety, Association for Children with a Disability and Save the Children. A charity can be defined as an organisation which has been set up to provide help, and raise money for people in need. In Australia, charities must be organisations that are not-for-profit and only have charitable purposes for public benefit. At Help 4 Kids, our mission is to help you help others, and our focus is helping any children’s charity achieve their goals along the way.

In Australia, there are many subtypes of charities, and children’s charities often fall into a number of different categories. Some charities focus on advancing health which usually primarily means providing support, research and services for the affected child and their family. Other children’s charities show a focus more towards advancing education, where they could provide programs suited to deliver to children who have to spend time away from school due to illness, as well as providing support in developing life skills. Charities like The Smith Family have a heavy focus on learning and education, and see it as their goal to help give disadvantaged children the best chance at a quality education as they can. Some charities focus on advancing social and public welfare, which may include providing accommodation and meal services, as well as support for those with disabilities. 

Charities like Ronald McDonald House sit in a number of subtypes as they look after not only the children in need but their families as well. Like other Australian children’s charities, Ronald McDonald House states they rely “on the generous support of corporate organisations for donations of cash and/or goods & services to provide assistance for the operational needs of our Programs across Australia. Each organisation donates however they can and we are grateful for their ongoing loyal support.”

Some children’s charities have been recognised as health promotion charities. This classification comes when the charity’s primary responsibility is to promote the prevention or control of diseases in children. These charities often supply public information surrounding particular diseases or illnesses and use funds to develop cures or treatments, and provide equipment to those in need. At Help 4 Kids, we aim to work closely with these types of organisations to keep informed on what is needed to help Australian children. Visit our website to find out more about charities in your area and how you can donate today.  

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