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There are many ways to help raise funds for charity and hosting a fundraising event has proven to be a popular option among Australians with the success of nation-wide projects such as the Cancer Council’s Biggest Morning Tea. Planning an event can be time consuming but worthwhile if done correctly. Hosting an event can draw more interest for a charity while also providing a way to give back and connect with the community. To host a fundraiser successfully, meticulous planning and following essential steps must be done. Meticulous planning is essential and crucial steps must be adhered to.

When you host or attend a Help 4 Kids  event, the immediate goal of the fundraiser must be clear. Our strategy is to raise money for equipment and people who need it now, ensuring immediate return on our funds. According to The Fundraising Authority, step one of hosting an event is to define your purpose. The benefit of a public or multi-venue event is that it can serve as a dual purpose – to raise money and increase publicity and networks. Once a primary goal is set for the event, the planning can commence.

To reach each project goal, a monetary value must be set. The Fundraising Authority suggests setting a specific figure to work towards in order to focus your planning on achieving that goal. Once a monetary goal is set, the challenge is then to ensure it will be achievable once expenses are deducted, leaving some room for unforeseen costs. One of the first steps when planning an event will be to draw up a budget and make sure not to stray from your prospective expenses. Volunteers are the driving force behind all successful fundraising events – volunteering your time to a charity can be a fun and rewarding way to give back to the community. 

Each event must have a leader or go-to person to keep processes running smoothing. For large events with corporate involvement there will often be a host committee, containing big donors and sometimes even local celebrities. When planning your event it is important to identify your target audience so you can tailor your event, from choosing the venue to inviting special guests.

Our wonderful team at Help 4 Kids can help you get started with your fundraiser today. Contact us to speak to one of our helpful volunteers and find out how we can help you help others. 

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