Help4Kids aims to raise much-needed funds to assist the many Australian children affected by illness or injury. Working in conjunction with Australian hospitals, medical centres and charities, Help4Kids is motivated to identify the insufficiencies in paediatric care and find new ways to improve the situation for these sick children and their families.

The benefits of donating to a charity

Donating to Help4Kids is a win-win. Not only will your money go a long way to provide the necessary support for children with illness or injury, but you will also gain further meaning to your life. Donating promotes personal values and reinvigorates our self-respect to know we are helping others in need.

Whether your donation promotes generosity amongst colleagues, teaches your children the importance of giving or motivating your friends and family to get involved with a charity. The ripple effect can be huge. Setting a good example and reminding people of the significance of contributing to help those less fortunate can only be beneficial for all involved.

As we are a registered Australian charity, all donations of $2 or more made to Help4Kids are tax-deductible. Claiming your donations reduces your taxable income, meaning you pay less tax—a good incentive for those looking to become regular donors. You will be provided with a receipt of donation, which you can then use come tax time.

With your donations Help4Kids can:

The charity donation triangle

When donating to Help4Kids, a charity triangle is formed between the donor, the charity and most importantly, the beneficiaries of your generosity and our hard work. 

The charity - Help4Kids

Help4Kids is a not-for-profit organisation that relies on your donations to enable us to change children’s lives. Reinforcing the importance of contributions, every dollar we raise will go directly towards benefiting Australia’s sick children. We also understand we have a responsibility to ensure that we work honestly and frugally to safeguard all funds that impact our cause.

The donor - You, the generous donor

You, the generous donor, will have the satisfaction of doing your vital part to make a difference in Australian children’s lives. The pleasure of donating to a charity cause is essential to remind ourselves of the significance of giving back to others less fortunate and realigning our personal value.

The beneficiaries - Australia’s sick children and healthcare workers

The accumulation of money raised will fill insufficiencies in hospitals and medical centres around Australia, which will inevitably benefit sick children’s daily lives. These children will receive support through Help4Kids’s many initiatives, and we will also support our excellent healthcare workers continue to their duties with more resources at their disposal.

Using your generous donations with purpose

We cannot do this without the generosity of donations from individuals, groups and businesses. All money donated to Help4Kids will go directly towards our dedicated team’s many initiatives, which we hope will improve our children’s hospitals and their patients’ circumstances.

Buying the best medical equipment

One of our primary focuses is to raise funds to help children’s hospitals acquire the best medical equipment. This focus is a top priority for all involved to ensure world-class pediatric care is given to Australia’s children. The cost of procurement can quickly become monstrous with millions spent each year, and with your generous donations, Help4Kids can relieve some financial strain.

Servicing and maintaining existing equipment

While purchasing and upgrading medical equipment is crucial, there is also the need to service and maintain the existing units, which adds to hospital expenses. Failure to have critical equipment in the best working order will impair treatment and present dangers to our children charities focussed on helping sick children.

Helping charities to reach their goals

In addition to raising funds for critical hospital equipment, we will donate to other charities focused on helping sick children whenever possible. Many Australian charities need your help, and we have a strong focus on helping any children’s charity achieve their goal

Help4Kids aims to have open and healthy relationships with all Australian charities to keep informed on what is most needed to help Australian children. Donating to Help4Kids is one way you can help many children’s charities.

Supporting research programs

Every year our hospitals treat thousands of sick and injured children, and the rise in chronic conditions have led to an increase in admissions. Your donations will go towards research and education so illness can be better managed.


Spreading awareness of child illnesses

We believe it is extremely important to raise awareness of the illnesses and diseases children endure. Help4Kids hopes to work with hospitals and charities to educate children, families and the community about the difficulties a specific disease might cause. It is also healthy for society to understand how to deal with an illness, the treatment required and which charities can best provide support.

Building healthy relationships with donors

At Help4Kids, we firmly believe that donor satisfaction is vital. We hope to build strong relationships with our donors, volunteers, sponsors and the community to ensure we meet their expectations as a caring charity. 

We will update our supporters via newsletters and social media to keep a transparent mindset, and so all our loyal friends can see the results of their generosity. We acknowledge we would not be able to exist without our donor’s support, and we are forever grateful they believe in our mission.

Form a partnership with Help4Kids today

More vulnerable children than ever need your help, so now is the time if you have ever thought to donate to charity. Contact us for more information on how we can form a partnership and help others together.

The different ways to donate to Help4Kids

We understand that our supporters’ financial situations differ. We genuinely believe in the ‘every little bit helps’ mentality, so Help4Kids offers different ways to donate to help us make a difference. Options are available on our easy-to-use website to suit individuals, groups, and businesses, and you can contribute to the state or territory of your choosing with just a click of a button. We assure you that all personal information will be kept secure and private. 

One time payments

Whether you have successfully run a fundraiser and would like to pass on a collective amount, or you find yourself with some surplus money and would like to see it benefit others less fortunate, our one-time payment option will suit many.

Regular deposits

The regular deposits allow Help4Kids to plan with confidence, as it brings consistent income and support. You can easily set up a recurring payment on our user-friendly webpage or by contacting our office. 

Charity Sponsorships

Charity sponsorship is an excellent way for your business to give back to the community. With both sides of the partnership supporting each other, we find effective measures to help those in need with financial assistance, equipment procurement and extra support resources. Help4Kids can offer businesses and individuals with a range of sponsorship options suited to your needs.


For many reasons, donating time is as powerful as donating money. Help4Kids are incredibly proud of our dedicated team of volunteers, who we affectionately referred to as our heart and soul of Help4kids. Their hard work ensures that all funds we raise are distributed effectively to offer sick children immediate results. In return, volunteers learn new skills, meet like-minded people, have a unique purpose of getting involved in the community and most importantly, help Australia’s children hampered by illness.


If you choose to leave a bequest to Help4Kids in your will, we assure you that your legacy will be felt by many of Australia’s sick children. A bequest is a monetary donation that is made as part of a will or trust. Whoever you may be, and whatever your situation is, you can help create a better world by including a bequest to a worthy cause, like Help4Kids, in your will.

Help4Kids needs your help. Donate today

Help4Kids have seen the significant impact people like you make on charities around Australia. Generous donors and selfless volunteers are the heartbeats of all worthy causes, and together we can improve the lives of Australian children affected by chronic conditions, illnesses and injury. Your involvement and donations will make a tremendous difference. 

Please visit our easy-to-use website or contact our friendly Help4Kids staff to donate today. We are grateful for your support of our mission to give Australian children with illness and injury the best care and treatment possible.

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