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Queensland Hospitals

Donate to Qld Hospitals now to help kids have a brighter future.

Children’s Hospitals in Qld are the leading provider of care for sick children in the state. With a high volume of patients admitted each day, there is a strong demand for more equipment and funding. Hospitals in Queensland are a vital healthcare service for delivering intense care and treatments to those who need it regularly and urgently. Children’s Hospitals in Qld provide highly specialised care for children, and needs our support to continue to save the lives of others. Hospitals are also the go-to centre for general paediatric care for those in the city and surrounding areas which fall into the catchment. 

Queensland hospitals need your donations to protect the future of our children. Your donation can help ease the strain on these Queensland hospitals and save the lives of our future generations. By aiding them in getting the equipment they need.

Robotic Surgery
Robotic Surgery

Providing Invaluable Equipment to Queensland Hospitals

At Help4Kids, our mission is to provide funds to hospitals across Queensland to purchase the equipment they need most. Our hospital partners provide us with lists of needed equipment, and your kind donations go directly towards the goal of buying them.

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About Our Hospitals

Children’s Health Queensland works with hospitals across Queensland to provide the best care and services to children in need, as close to their homes as possible. Children’s Hospitals in Qld deal with emergency cases as well as state-wide paediatric speciality services. These treatment services include: cerebral palsy, gastroenterology, oncology, rehabilitation, Indigenous ear health, haemophilia and cystic fibrosis. Over the years, Children’s Hospitals in Qld, like many others, have adopted the use of outreach clinics and telehealth services to provide children and young people living in remote areas with access to the quality healthcare they need. 

Queensland Hospital Donations

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