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Dig deep and donate now to Help 4 Kids to change the lives of sick children tomorrow. Help 4 Kids is working with hospitals around Australia to help you help others. Our mission is to reduce the mortality rate of children with illnesses, and help them through treatment and recovery. On our website you can browse through our current projects, and find out who you will be helping in real-time. When you donate to Help 4 Kids, you can be assured your funds will go towards changing the lives of others – whether it be through the purchase of critical equipment or donations to other charities. With a dedicated team of hard-working volunteers, Help 4 Kids aims to inform our supporters of what is needed.

Specialist equipment is often needed to treat a child as their size often prohibits the use of standard adult equipment. There is a variety of equipment that is consistently in demand at hospitals. The hospital cites apheresis equipment for plasma exchange, 3D surgical navigation equipment, BiPAP machines for those with respiratory illnesses, specialist life support machines, ventilators, portable suction units, as well as MRI attachments and incubators, as equipment which is frequently in demand.

Children’s Health Australia states it maintains a pool of equipment for home use however, sometimes the demand is greater than the supply which can cause a child to remain in hospital until their correct piece of equipment is available for use. Our goal is to help reduce these wait times by purchasing additional equipment to get children out of hospital and living back at home faster.

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Help 4 Kids offers a range of regular gift plans suitable for both individual and business donations. Whether you are wanting to make a one-time donation or set up a regular deposit – we can help you. Individual parties can make a donation of their choosing with just a click of a button. Businesses are more than welcome to one-time donations but we would recommend setting up a regular deposit or becoming a corporate partner. Contact us for more information on how we can form a partnership, and help others together. If you have ever thought to donate to charity, with more vulnerable children than ever needing your help, now is the time.

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