How to Donate to Charity Legitimately?

There are so many NGOs or other charities that ask for donations. Everyone wants to donate for a good cause but they don’t know how to donate legitimately. This sector has always suffered from the issue of “lack of transparency and credibility”.

In September 2016, the “CHOICE research project” presented the stats that a lot of Australians get calls at least once a week for charity, and 90% of people get irritated by this. Also, 89% of Australians get a minimum of one charity call every six months. This shows that Australian people have always been targeted by charity organizations.

If you want to do charity legally, first find reliable and best charities to donate to. The following tips will help you find a good charity; let’s dive in-

Registered Organizations

If you get a call from commercial fundraisers or domestic charities, ask them if they are linked to the FIA (fundraising institute Australia) and ACNC (Australian Charities & Not-for-profits Commission). If they are not registered with these organizations, then they are not reliable.

Licensed Fundraisers

Charity organizations or fundraisers must have a license as every state has different exclusions, and charities should comply with them all. For example- religious organizations don’t need to get registered in some states.

Do Your Analysis

Apart from asking Australian charities about their credibility, you must also calculate on your own. Look at their annual reports to know the figures and try to get the financial statements. It will help you to know about their reputation and how they manage their

expenses. Following tips will help you to avoid getting tricked, let’s check out-

  • Don’t respond to all the charity messages, crowdfunding requests you get, and fake social media websites for charity.
  • Scammers often pretend to be a legitimate organization, check their documents and license first and then go for any charity.
  • Avoid charities that don’t have integrity proof as verification is significant when you donate your money to someone.

The aforementioned tips will help to prevent you to donate to fake charities or scammers and will keep your money safe until it is used for a real purpose.

Charity organizations are everywhere; it depends upon us how we choose a legitimate one.

It is good to help someone, but be aware of frauds as well!

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