Charities & Not-For-Profit Organizations in Australia: Helping at Every Step

Charity organizations work for social peace and well-being focusing on providing a good quality of life to people independent of the control of the government. They usually function as a private organization. Many charities and not-for-profit organizations earn or get the money mainly by donations. Charities may also qualify for tax exemption by proving their trust, honesty, and functionality. The not-for-profit organizations are expected to keep the trust of donors and transparency about the flow of money which again adds to the trust of all who provide money to the organizations for the well-being of society.

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The main motive of non-profit organizations is to make the best use of available resources and funds to further advance their organization and reach out as much as possible. Many non-profit organizations provide free education, food to orphan children whereas many organizations provide food to the street side animals and also necessary treatment. As it is widely known that good deeds don’t have a specified small definition. Hence, different organizations choose different fields to work on just to serve good quality of life without expecting returns. An instance of a non-profit organization of Australia is AAGE which is the Australian Association of Graduate Employers which runs with the motto “employers for employers”. AAGE is an independent body that represents those industrial organizations that hire and train to develop Australian graduates in both the public and private sectors.

Charities and Not-For-Profits Commission are two complementary hands. In Australia, the ACNC or the Australian Charities and Not For Profits Commission is the supreme organization. It has the authority to register, check on the proper, legal, and without personal profit functioning of all the charities and not-for-profit organizations throughout Australia. ACNC was passed by the federal parliament and finally established in December 2012. The ACNC is responsible for observing the fundraisers and the functioning of the non-profit organizations and taking necessary actions against them if found unlawful.

Charities and Not-For-Profit organizations are of great importance in any country. Organizations such as ACNC and AAGE ensure the smooth functioning of charities. And, the Australian government should promote and encourage such organizations. Hopefully, this write-up helps you get some insights on charities and the organizations helping in their functioning. For more such blogs, keep watching this space.

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