Charity is the act of kindness by giving to others without expecting a personal reward. The act of charity may be considered selfless and heartfelt, recognising a requirement for compassion to be shown. Help4Kids wish to play the role of the charity to help you, help others.

The gratifying deed

Most of us have life difficulties and daily struggles to overcome; however, performing an act of charity requires people to put others’ problems before their own problem, which is a gratifying deed to perform. Help4kids allows your act of charity to be passed on to Australia’s sick children, and we are happy we can help.

Defining a charity

A charity can be defined as an organisation set up to provide assistance for people in need and raise vital funds to support worthwhile causes. In Australia, charities must be not-for-profit organisations and only have charitable purposes by providing goods, services, education, counselling, guidance, or social and environmental improvement.

At Help4Kids, we believe children charities play a significant role in the lives of sick children and their families – whether it is providing educational resources, respite, fun activities, or helping provide treatment aids. 

To be a charity, you must:

The purpose of a charity

You must have a clear purpose to be a registered and operating charity. Your ‘purpose’ is the reason why your charity was established and outlines what your charity aims to achieve.

Help4Kids’ purpose is to work with Australian hospitals, medical centres and charities to find the best methods to support Australian sick children. We hope to accumulate much-needed funds to purchase essential medical equipment to provide the best care and treatment for these children.

Examples of different charity purposes:

  • Improving health – care, therapy and treatment for Australian children 
  • Advancing education – programs for children absent from school due to illness
  • Social and public welfare –  support for disadvantaged children
  • Health advocacy – spread information about the treatment of childhood illnesses

Filling the gap

Many charities have a similar purpose to Help4Kids’. They often fill the gap and provide services that the public sector cannot meet due to lack of funding or other reasons. They see these insufficiencies and try to fill them to help with essential social and economic goals.

Focussing on the purpose

The purposes of Australian charities differ, and children’s charities can fall into several different categories. A children charity focus can vary depending on the result it wishes to achieve. No matter what focus a children charity has, they all play a prominent role in the lives of sick children and their families.

Help4Kids focuses on providing support, research and services for sick children and their families. We believe we can make a difference in advancing health services by providing essential medical equipment to add to the resources available to healthcare workers around Australia.

Spreading the focus

Other children’s charities’ main focus may be advancing education by developing and implementing education programs suited to children absent from school due to illness or advancing public welfare by providing accommodation and services for those economically disadvantaged or living with a disability. 

Recognised charity purposes (under the Charities Act 2013)

Australia charities working together

At Help 4 Kids, we aim to work closely with Australian charities to keep informed on what is required to help Australia’s sick children. Charities often supply public information surrounding particular diseases and illnesses. The more information being shared ensures charities like Help4Kids are putting services and energy into the right sectors to ensure all funds are used wisely.

Growing aspirations

At Help4Kids, one of our focuses is on helping children’s charity achieve their goals. Conversing and meeting with other charities that have a similar purpose of providing care for children with an illness will undoubtedly grow all involved aspirations. Help4Kids aims to have open and healthy relationships with all Australian charities and keep informed on what is most needed to help Australian children. When we pull together, we are stronger to work towards solving the issues confronting us.

What is a Non-for-profit charity?

While raising funds, charities must ensure they maintain their not-for-profit status by declaring all money raised goes directly towards their charitable purpose. Charities, in most cases, are set up as a business that generates income; however, they do not distribute profits or invest money for self-benefit. Instead, they must use all donated income solely towards their charitable activities.

The importance of charitable organisations to society

Charities like Help4Kids play a massive part in society to improve communities’ socioeconomic status and better those within it. Charities also allow associated members to feel pride and satisfaction that their hard work and generosity will benefit someone in great need of support.

A collective contribution

Help4Kids believes a collective contribution that a charity brings creates a more significant impact on the issues being addressed, which naturally improves society in general. Charity gives us the platform to pool resources and find solutions to problems that will benefit people that are doing it tough.

How charities survive

Help4Kids and other charities can only usually survive with the public’s generosity and help from selfless volunteers. Whether they receive individual donations, group fundraising contributions or business sponsorship, all income avenues are necessary to continue their existence. To be sustainable, a charity needs to have loyal and recurring donors and a hard-working group of staff and volunteers to ensure continuity of funds and social impact.

Keeping independence

Charities may be able to access funding and grants via their local community or the government; however, this can also present challenges to their independence. For this reason, it is crucial that funding of a non-for-profit charity should include various sources. Having a mix of private, business and government funding is the best result to ensure independence and complete control of their strategies and projects.

Various ways to support Australia’s charities

Help4Kids uses various ways to raise funds to keep things fun and engaging for our donors and volunteers. You can get involved by going out in the community with a collection tin or by helping us organise our fundraising events in the office. 

Participating in door-knock appeals, helping at the annual Help4Kids fundraising day, displaying collection buckets in your workplaces, all these little things add up to support Australian charities like Help4Kids achieve their goals.

Hosting a fundraising event has proven to be a popular option among Australians. Hosting an event can draw a lot of awareness for a charity while also providing a way to connect with the local community. To host a fundraiser successfully, we must do careful planning. 

Our wonderful team at Help4Kids can help you get started with your fundraiser today. Contact us to speak to one of our helpful volunteers and find out how we can help you help others. You can keep your eyes out for our next fundraising event as we work towards giving sick kids a brighter future. 

With more vulnerable children than ever need your help, now is the time to donate to a children’s charity. Contact Help4Kids  for more information on how we can build a partnership and help kids together. Help4Kids offers a variety of payment plans suitable for individual, group and business donations.

In addition to raising funds for our own purpose to help provide critical hospital equipment to Australia’s hospitals, we will also donate to other charities focussed on helping sick children. Many Australian charities need your help, and Help4Kids determined to assist them as well when possible.

Help4Kids offers the option for your company to get involved by becoming a corporate sponsor. From the Help4Kids perspective, corporate sponsorships can significantly boost our staff and volunteers’ morale and energy as they provide a reliable donation source. This enables a charity to plan confidently and to support the sick children we aim to help consistently. 

It is also an excellent way for your business to give back to the community. With both the charity and business supporting each other, we find effective measures to help those in need with financial assistance, equipment procurement and extra support resources. 

Bequests is a monetary donation or gift that is made as part of a will or trust. If a person wishes, a charitable bequest can be made to a non-for-profit charity. Whoever you may be, and whatever your situation is, you can help create a better world by including a bequest to a worthy cause, like Help4Kids, in your will.

Volunteer your time to a charity

Over six million Australians give their time to volunteer for charity each year. We are incredibly proud of our dedicated team of volunteers. They work hard to ensure that all funds we raise are distributed to be effective and offer ill children immediate results. Do your part by assisting Help4Kids today and help to save the lives of tomorrow.

Become a Volunteer

Volunteers are the heart and soul of a charity, and we believe the work they do saves Australian children’s lives. Our wonderful team, who we affectionately call volunteers, work tirelessly to help us raise valuable funds. 

Help4Kids are nothing without our team of volunteers, and becoming a volunteer takes dedication; however, the rewards it brings to the many sick children around Australian makes every minute worthwhile.

Get involved with a charity today

Help4Kids wants you to get involved and assist our Australian charitable organisation in helping others in need. We join the line of Australian charities that ensure every dollar will absolutely make a difference to thousands of children around Australia affected by illness and injury.

Be the difference

Our excellent healthcare workers and Australian children need your help. At Help4Kids, we have seen the difference it can make when people get involved in supporting sick children in Australia, and improving their lives is a worthwhile channel for your energy and resources. Your involvement and donations will make an enormous difference. 

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