There are a range of different charities in Australia dedicated to improving the lives of others. Our focus at Help 4 Kids is improving the lives of sick children specifically. Illness can create a number of obstacles for a child, whether it be surrounding education, mental health and overall wellbeing, often leading to a need for support from several different organisations. 

cancer charities

In Australia, a staggering 700-800 children are diagnosed with cancer each year. Of these affected children, around 100 will lose their life yearly. Cancer charities play an important role in improving the lives of these children throughout their stages of diagnosis, treatment and recovery. 

Cancer Council is arguably one of the most distinguished cancer charities, and puts its focus into supporting those with all types of cancers. The charity operates at a national and state level and focuses on raising funds for research to find better treatment methods. Cancer Council Australia also runs numerous awareness campaigns which aid in supporting those living with the illness by educating the public. The charity promises to help those affected by cancer get the treatment they need as well as provide much needed physical and emotional support. 

Other cancer charities in Australia include The Australian Cancer Research Foundation (ACRF), Cure Cancer Australia, Children’s Cancer Foundation, Kids with Cancer Foundation Australia, Rare Cancers Australia, Leukaemia Foundation and more. 

homeless charities

Some children were found to be experiencing homelessness with their families while others were experiencing it alone. The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare quotes poverty as the major driving factor for family homelessness, with experiences of overcrowding and poor housing conditions also common pathways to homelessness.

There are a number of charities in Australia helping to tackle homelessness. The charity, which started in Queensland, runs across Australia, and works to find safe and affordable housing to support those who are disadvantaged. Mission Australia also helps children and adults who are living with mental illnesses and disabilities.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics Census, around 19,400 children aged under 15 were homeless in 2016.

In 2017-18 around 45% or 29,600 children were accessing specialist homeless services due to domestic and family violence or breakdown.

Mission Australia is one of the most renowned, dedicating their work to helping homeless children and families.

mental health charities

Mental health plays a big part in the lives of all Australians – especially those living at a disadvantage or those with an illness or disability. Mental health charities often link in well with other charities because of this. At Help 4 Kids we believe positive mental health is important to aid the recovery of our sick children. There are a number of mental health charities offering a wide reach in Australia. 


One of the most notable charities looking after the mental health of young people is Headspace. The charity provides help and intervention for children and adolescents to take control of their mental health. The charity provides support for those going through a tough time as well as those struggling with an addiction. Another notable mental health charity in Australia is Beyondblue. The charity provides resources and support to those with mental health issues and disorders. Beyondblue’s mission is to increase awareness and understanding surrounding mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety.

Children’s Charities

There is an important place in the charity sector for children’s charities, including Help 4 Kids. Our children are our future and it is important we provide them with as much support and knowledge they may need for a happy and healthy life. Children are not immune to illness and hardship, and are often the most vulnerable. Visit our Kids Charity page to find out more about children’s charities in Australia.

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