Charity branding

In the past, charities were hesitant about branding their organisations, believing that branding exclusively the realm of corporate organisations. However, today charities are embracing branding, viewing it as a valuable tool for promoting their goals and generating help for their causes. A brand is so useful because it helps to build a strong identity in

Why businesses should partner with charities

The benefits of partnering with a charity may not seem immediately obvious to many business owners, especially because the main focus of a business is to generate profit. Many businesses struggle to maintain their funding, and partnering with a charity may seem like an overly risky endeavour. However, business owners may be surprised at the

How charities help poor countries

Many countries in the world still experience devastating poverty, which leaves many people in need of help. Charities provide one of the best ways we have of helping people in other countries. There are thousands of good charities around the world who all seek to help people affected by problems like poverty, war, hunger, lack

Advertising for charities

Charities have a much harder time when it comes to advertising because of the fact that they don’t have much of a budget to work with. However, there are tactics that charities can make use of to stay competitive with their advertising. For instance, many charities make the mistake of neglecting pay-per-click advertising, due to

Why does charity matter?

There have been many types of charities in existence for hundreds of years. In today’s times you can find charities for all sorts of causes, such as health, education, the environment, and much more. So why do charities matter? Charities strengthen communities Charities are great organisations for strengthening the bonds between individuals in communities. Fostering

Reasons to donate to charity

Donating to charity doesn’t just help out the charity and the people in need who it supports, but it provides amazing benefits for the person who donates as well. Boosts happiness Donating to charities is a great way to boost your happiness and feeling of meaningfulness in life. It always feels good to give to

How to Donate to Charity Legitimately?

There are so many NGOs or other charities that ask for donations. Everyone wants to donate for a good cause but they don’t know how to donate legitimately. This sector has always suffered from the issue of “lack of transparency and credibility”. In September 2016, the “CHOICE research project” presented the stats that a lot

Charities & Not-For-Profit Organizations in Australia: Helping at Every Step

Charity organizations work for social peace and well-being focusing on providing a good quality of life to people independent of the control of the government. They usually function as a private organization. Many charities and not-for-profit organizations earn or get the money mainly by donations. Charities may also qualify for tax exemption by proving their

Why Charities Rely on Giving

It may come as no surprise that charities rely on giving to survive. It is the uncertain act of giving that allows a charities sustainability, go figure. It may not seem like the best business plan; however, Australians’ generosity has allowed many charities to play a significant part in social change. The three primary incomes

Kidney Dialysis for Aussie Kids

Kidney disease affects thousands of Australian children each year. Many of these children require a kidney transplant; however, they undertake life-saving dialysis until a kidney is available. The kidney acts as a filter for the blood, balancing water and mineral levels. When a kidney cannot function due to a disease, it causes serious complications. A

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