How to Donate to Charity Legitimately?

There are so many NGOs or other charities that ask for donations. Everyone wants to donate for a good cause but they don’t know how to donate legitimately. This sector has always suffered from the issue of “lack of transparency and credibility”. In September 2016, the “CHOICE research project” presented the stats that a lot

Charities & Not-For-Profit Organizations in Australia: Helping at Every Step

Charity organizations work for social peace and well-being focusing on providing a good quality of life to people independent of the control of the government. They usually function as a private organization. Many charities and not-for-profit organizations earn or get the money mainly by donations. Charities may also qualify for tax exemption by proving their

Why Charities Rely on Giving

It may come as no surprise that charities rely on giving to survive. It is the uncertain act of giving that allows a charities sustainability, go figure. It may not seem like the best business plan; however, Australians’ generosity has allowed many charities to play a significant part in social change. The three primary incomes

Kidney Dialysis for Aussie Kids

Kidney disease affects thousands of Australian children each year. Many of these children require a kidney transplant; however, they undertake life-saving dialysis until a kidney is available. The kidney acts as a filter for the blood, balancing water and mineral levels. When a kidney cannot function due to a disease, it causes serious complications. A

Working With Families of Sick Children

The life for the families of children with illness, injury and disability can be exhausting and heartbreaking. They have to watch helplessly in many circumstances while their son or daughter, brother or sister, undergoes the routine test and arduous treatment. The frequent trips to the hospital and medical centres become tiresome, seeing doctors and specialists

Researching for a Brighter Future

Indigenous Health The life expectancy rate for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children is a growing concern. It is almost three times more than non-Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children.  Current Indigenous health research focusses on managing chronic illness in rural areas, improving mental health to reduce self-harm and suicide and preventing acute infections. Burn

Helping Children with Disability

Living with a disability brings endless challenges that require the effort of many to prevail. A child with a disability may not perform a particular bodily function; however, they may have complete control over others. Over time, a child with a disability must learn what they can and cannot do with their family’s support.   Depending

The Critical Equipment Sick Kids Need

When you contemplate the continuous demand for critical equipment across Australian hospitals, it is no surprise millions of dollars are spent each year on purchasing equipment.  Help4Kids is creating initiatives that will help support children’s hospitals to acquire the best equipment. Here are some examples of the critical equipment we hope to supply to children

How to Make a Change With Charity

As a society, we tend to live busy lives, filling every spare moment in our diary. We tend to fill our week with clutter, getting caught up in a new fad, obsessing with the latest trends, spending our wages on imported Latino coffee. Our lives are also filled with soul-filling goodness. Obvious things like quality

How Your Dollars Help A Charity

When you donate to a charity, it is fair and important that you understand how that money will be spent. In some cases, people are hesitant to donate as they are unsure of how the money actually helps. This is a fair concern, so we have written this short guide to shed some light on

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