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Here at Help 4 Kids, we offer the option for you and your business to get involved and become a corporate ally. A corporate alliance can be a great way for a charity to boost fundraising, and for a business to give back to the community. Like any great partnership, both sides find ways to support each other, and partnering with a charity is no different. When becoming a partner there are many ways you can help, whether it be through financial assistance, goods and services or providing extra resources. Some businesses encourage staff to volunteer as well, whether that be on a regular basis or at fundraising events. 

When forming a partnership both parties should take care in ensuring the charity meets their obligations to The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) and remain committed to furthering its charitable cause. Any risks should be identified and accounted for at the beginning of the partnership to ensure adequate safeguards are in place. 

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The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission describes a corporate partnership/alliance as when a charity forms a formal relationship with a business – this usually involves the charity receiving funds, goods or services in exchange for something the corporate partner sees as beneficial. “For charities, the aim of any corporate partnership should be to establish a relationship that helps it achieve its charitable goals, as well as one which produces tangible benefits for the wider community,” states ACNC.

To create a great partnership, we must look at what benefits us both. We have to talk about how you can help us, while we provide you something in return. A well planned corporate partnership can help boost awareness around the charity, and ultimately support the charity’s fundraising goal. A successful partnership should be built on solid principles surrounding planning, expectations, mutual respect, a willingness to engage with other parties, and the ultimate goal of helping the community cause.

Once you decide on forming a corporate partnership with Help 4 Kids we will discuss a partnership agreement. This agreement will outline our aims, your role and responsibilities as a partner, the benefits each partner will receive, as well as the benefits the partnership will have on the wider community. 

Our wonderful team at Help 4 Kids can help you get started with a Corporate Partnership today. Contact us to speak to one of our helpful volunteers and find out how we can help you help others. The Help 4 Kids logo will be available for use by our corporate partners.

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