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Help For Kids is a Australian-based organisation helping you help others. Every dollar raised goes directly into making a difference to a child in need. Each day, thousands of children around Australia are affected by illness and injury, and these children need your help. While our healthcare workers do their bit to treat sick and injured children, you can do your bit by getting involved and donating. 

At Help For Kids we have identified an importance in providing support to sick children in Australia, and like other leading Australian charities, we are dedicated to finding ways to improve the lives of others who may be doing it tough. Some sick or injured children will require aids and equipment to help them recover, and our mission is to identify immediate needs and fund these products. As hundreds of Australian charities support our community, we are committed to joining in and making a difference.

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Our Mission

Our mission at Help For Kids is to provide much-needed funds to hospitals and other charities dedicated to helping Australian children.

Every year, thousands of children’s lives are disrupted by illness or injury, which can pull them away from their homes, schools and families. Our hope is to ease the strain on these children by providing funds to develop support programs, better treatments and essential supplies for the best recovery possible. 

Our goal is to support children in need by raising funds to purchase vital equipment, aids and support tools. We work closely with Queensland hospitals, local charities, and medical centres interstate to find out how we can best provide support to children in any way we can. Like other Australian charities, our community-focussed team is dedicated to finding new ways of improving the lives of sick children. You can help by showing your support, donating, and volunteering at Help 4 Kids.
Every year, close to 1000 children in Australia are diagnosed with some form of cancer, with the primary age of diagnosis falling into the 0-4 years bracket. The most common types of cancer diagnosed in children under 14 are brain cancer, leukaemia, lymphoma, non-Hodgkin lymphoma and soft tissue sarcoma. Around 100 Australian children will die from cancer every year, with brain cancer and leukaemia generally claiming the most lives. The Australian Institute of Health and Wellbeing stated 95 children aged under 15 died from cancer in 2016. Our goal at Help 4 Kids is to help reduce these figures by providing funds for essential equipment and treatments to give our kids the best chance of survival. 
Queensland hospitals need our help to protect the future of our children. Children’s Health Queensland works with 15 hospitals across Queensland to provide the best care and services to children in need, as close to their homes as possible. The Queensland Children’s Hospital deals with emergency cases as well as state-wide paediatric speciality services. These treatment services include: cerebral palsy, gastroenterology, oncology, rehabilitation, Indigenous ear health, haemophilia and cystic fibrosis. Over the years, Queensland Children’s Hospital, like many others, have adopted the use of outreach clinics and telehealth services to provide children and young people living in remote areas with access to the quality healthcare they need. 
Some of the other hospitals around the state which provide care to children include: The Prince Charles Hospital, Redcliffe Hospital, Redland Hospital, Ipswich Hospital, North West Private, Princess Alexandra Hospital, Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Hospital, Royal Brisbane and Women’s and Mater Private. Your donation can help ease the strain on any one of these Queensland hospitals and save the lives of our future generations.

our equipment

Specialist equipment is often needed at our hospitals to treat children as their small frames often prohibit the use of standard adult equipment.

There is a variety of equipment that is consistently in demand at hospitals including Queensland Children’s Hospital. Supply and maintenance of critical equipment are the top priorities for hospitals catering towards children, to ensure top-level care to patients.
While not limited to the following, examples of critical-care equipment include life-support equipment such as ventilators, resuscitation equipment such as defibrillators, mission-critical equipment such as a CT scanner, dialysis systems and sterilisers. These are vitally important to all categories of hospitals be they general and public hospitals, trauma centres, rehabilitation hospitals, children’s hospitals, geriatric hospitals, psychiatric hospitals. In addition, there are the specialised services such as cardiology, oncology, and orthopaedics, to name a few. When you consider this need across the range of hospitals, millions of dollars are spent each year in upgrading and maintaining critical equipment each year.
Money donated to Help 4 Kids that goes towards a Queensland hospital donation will aid in supporting children in need. These funds could go towards specialist equipment needed on site or at home, improvements in telehealth services or towards research. Every year our hospitals treat thousands of sick and injured children, and the rise in chronic conditions such as food allergies have led to an increase in admissions. Our donations can also go towards research and education so these illnesses can be better managed with aids at home.
In addition to raising funds for critical hospital equipment, we will donate to other charities focussed on helping sick children. There are a number of local Australian charities who need your help, and our focus is helping them as well. Donating to Help 4 Kids is just one of the ways you can reach those charities. Our focus at Help 4 Kids is improving the lives of sick children specifically. Illness can create a number of obstacles for a child, whether it be surrounding education, mental health and overall wellbeing, often leading to a need for support from several different organisations. Ronald McDonald House, Starlight Foundation, Camp Quality, Smith Family, Cancer Council Australia and Beyond Blue are just some of the charities working towards providing a happier and healthier future for children in need.

How We Help

The ultimate goal of Help For Kids is to improve the lives of children doing it tough due to sickness or injury. Help 4 Kids uses a variety of ways to raise funds.

Help 4 Kids uses a variety of ways to raise funds, and this will only grow as we get bigger. There are many ways you can get involved, whether it be going out with a collection bucket on our fundraising days or helping us organise funds in the office. You can help raise funds by participating in door knock appeals or street collections and taking part in our annual Help 4 Kids day. Businesses can also get involved by becoming corporate partners or displaying our collection buckets in high foot traffic areas all year round.
Help 4 Kids offers a range of payment plans suitable for both individual and business donations. Whether you are wanting to make a one-time donation or set up a regular deposit – we can help you. Individual parties can make a donation of their choosing with just a click of a button. Businesses are more than welcome to one-time donations but we would recommend setting up a regular deposit or becoming a corporate partner. Contact us for more information on how we can form a partnership, and help others together. If you have ever thought to donate to charity, with more vulnerable children than ever needing your help, now is the time.
The Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission (ACNC) states that charities can raise funds in a variety of different ways, as long as they comply with the relevant fundraising or other regulatory requirements. Some ways charities raise funds are through membership fees or grants from grant-making bodies and funders such as government bodies and philanthropic trusts and foundations. Charities can also utilise corporate partnerships and sponsorships as a more consistent and regular fundraising tool. There are many ways you can help and make a difference, even just by volunteering your help. Dig deep and donate now to Help 4 Kids to change the lives of sick children tomorrow. 
Browse through our website to find out how you can help by making a one-off donation, or setting up a payment plan, or becoming a corporate partner. Contact us for more information on how you can get involved as an individual volunteer or as a business. Join us in making a difference and saving the lives of our children.

Our dedicated team of volunteers works hard to find the best ways to distribute the funds we raise. Our website features current equipment, treatments, tailored needs and charities who need our help right now. When you go to donate, you can browse our projects in real-time and know that you are helping someone who needs it now. Help For Kids is open to donations from individuals as well as businesses, and offers a range of payment options and plans, as well as the opportunity to become a corporate partner. You can make a one-time donation, or set up an automated direct debit and know you are making a difference in the life of a child in need every day. Dig deep and start a donation plan with us today.

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